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About Senior Care Life

Senior Care Life is a life insurance brokerage agency that focuses on getting the best policy and rates for or clients, regardless of your medical condition or health history. Our objective is to find the best policy and rate for you. We will ask you about your current health condition and review the underwriting guidelines of our carriers to find the right policy for you. No medical exam is required for you to qualify for coverage with any of our carriers. Some carriers do require you to answer health questions on the application.

Quick Life Insurance Agent Response

Our agents will respond to you quickly and take your full application over the phone. We will ask you the necessary health questions if required on the application. We will Post or Email the application to you for your review and signature. We will not visit you. After we have received your application, it will be checked for all necessary information and submitted to the carrier. It only takes approximately 2 to 4 days for the carrier to review and approve your application. If you have applied for a Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance policy, your coverage is guaranteed – YOU CANNOT be denied coverage. We will notify you by phone when your policy has been approved and also notify you when you policy certification has been post mailed.

If at any point you have been denied coverage by a carrier that requires health questions, please remember that we have other options for you. We will try to get you coverage with another carrier that have less strict underwriting guidelines or get you a policy that requires no health questions. With our services, you will always have options to get coverage as long as you meet the carriers age requirements (50 to 85). Remember, we do have policies that require no health questions, so regardless of your situation we will get you a great whole life insurance policy.

We also have policies for young people age 1 to 49. These policies do require answering health question in order to qualify. We only work with Major Life Insurance carriers such as Mutual Of Omaha, Gerber, American National and other A rated carriers. We are licensed in All US States so regardless of your US Address location we can get coverage.

To speak with one of our Licensed Life Insurance Professionals Please Call 678-468-5163  

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